Scientific Colloquium Webinars

The next scientific colloquium webinar will be held on:

Monday, 10/05 (16h, CET): hosted by GdR RESANET
Search for new physics beyond the Standard Model with precision measurements in nuclear beta decays,
Etienne LIENARD (LPC Caen)

Precision measurements in nuclear beta decays provide sensitive tools to test the foundations and symmetries of the Standard electroweak Model and to search for exotic couplings presently excluded by the V-A theory in processes involving the lightest quarks. The main aim of such measurements is to highlight deviations from the Standard Model predictions as possible indications of new physics, complementing other searches at large-scale facilities such as the LHC. The sensitive parameters are often deduced from correlation studies between the very few bodies involved in the decay. This requires to perform very precise measurements using advanced technical methods, such as ion or atom traps installed on-line in radioactive nuclei production facilities. Data analysis also requires generating the most realistic simulations to take into account the relevant parameters of the experimental setup and their systematic effects on the measured quantities.
In this seminar, I will present different experimental projects in which LPC Caen is involved, starting from the development of LPCTrap at GANIL to search for exotic tensor currents in the decay of 6 He 1+ ions. This pioneer experiment laid the foundations of our present projects, not only in the search for exotic currents (WISArD, b-STILED), but also with other perspectives comprising the test of CVC from the study of mirror transitions and the quest for new sources of CP violation (MORA) needed to explain the large matter-antimatter asymmetry observed in the universe. The status and goals of these projects will be discussed.

Organizers: P. Ascher (CENBG Bordeaux), O. Dorvaux (IPHC Strasbourg), S. Diglio (SUBATECH Nantes), J. Dudouet (IP2I Lyon), A. Fantina (GANIL Caen), G. Henning (IPHC Strasbourg), A. Korichi (IJCLab Orsay), O. Lopez (LPC Caen), J. Margueron (IP2I Lyon), G. Quemener (LPC Caen), O. Sorlin (GANIL Caen), B. Sulignano (IRFU Saclay), J.-C. Thomas (GANIL Caen), L. Thulliez (IRFU Saclay), A. Uras (IP2I Lyon), M. Vandebrouck (IRFU Saclay), P. Van Hove (IPHC Strasbourg), G. Verde (L2IT Toulouse).