Junior Researcher Webinar

The next Junior Researcher Webinar will be held on:

Monday, 18/10 (16h, CET)
Universal Systems and Effective Field Theories
Lorenzo CONTESSI (PostDoc in CEA)

Universal systems are quantum mechanical objects that can be described similarly despite having different typical sizes, energies, and degrees of freedom. This is possible because they share identical few-body properties and show some separation of scale among observables or with the respective underlying theory. Unitarity is arguably the most common universality class which finds instances in low-energy physics and can be found in hadronic, nuclear, and atomic fields. 

This interconnection between fields is important because allows for the passage of knowledge from one field to another with special benefit to the fields on which very little is experimentally known.  What is the “best” theory to describe the emergent phenomena maintaining interdisciplinarity is not a simple question to be answered. However, effective field theories have proven in the years to be the most natural framework for this search since their systematic improvability and the connection to the underlying physics of the various universal systems. In this seminar, I will talk about various universal systems, especially in the unitarity universality class, with a particular focus on how they can be described, how to pass the knowledge from one field to another, and on the many-body emergent phenomena.

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