Réunion du GT1 19-21 novembre 2018

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GT1 aims at addressing the many facets of nuclei at the vicinity of particle emission thresholds and/or drip lines, and nuclei that show an extreme neutron-to-proton ratio.

This first meeting will take place at IPN Orsay, on Monday November 19th starting at noon to Wednesday November 21th 2018 closing early in the afternoon. This first workshop is organized around a selection of seven topics:

1. Clustering evolution towards the drip-line (i.e. N≠Z), generalized Ikeda conjecture.
2. Evolution of pairing at and along the drip line.
3. Nuclear interaction and shell evolution.
4. Quenching of spectroscopic factors in reactions involving halo/cluster/drip line nuclei.
5. (Broken) Mirror symmetries.
6. Emergence of halo nuclei and Borromean states.
7. Giant or Pigmy modes associated to neutron-rich nuclei.
8. Connection to other open quantum systems or to dilute systems.

For each, one or two keynote speaker(s) will shed the light on the in and out followed by several short invited (15’+5′) talks with more advanced content. Oral time is roughly equally shared between experimentalists and theoreticians.
We invite all of you who wish to give an oral contribution to contact the organizers, who will do their best to accommodate you with a slot. Additionally, we welcome any materials (slides or short report) as an input for the discussion sessions.