GT3 meeting: « Wave-function methods in quantum chemistry and nuclear physics » quantum chemistry / nuclear physics workshop in collaboration with the quantum chemistry GDR « NBODY »

Zoom meeting, from 8 to 12/02/2021.

The idea is to do this entirely online (on Zoom or another platform) from 8 to 12 February 2021, with only one afternoon session per day. The workshop will focus on ab initio methods. Each half-day will have a dedicated theme with two talks, i.e. one from a quantum chemist and one  from a nuclear theorist. The themes (to be confirmed) are:
1) Panorama of ab initio many-body methods in quantum chemistry vs nuclear physics
2) Specific computational aspects to compute a molecule vs a nucleus
3) Methods to beat the curse of dimensionality
3a) Methods based on importance selection
3b) Methods based on stochastic sampling
3c) Methods based on tensor decomposition

The program of the workshop can be found at

To register and participate, please send an email to Julien Toulouse ( You will receive the zoom link in due time.

Organizers: Thomas Duguet, Emmanuel Giner, Pierre-François Loos, and Julien Toulouse