GT4: New Judicious Experiments for Dark sectors Investigations (New Jedi) collaboration, 10-12/05/2021

Recently, an experiment of the MTA ATOMKI group (Hungary) highlighted an enhancement of the internal pair creation rate at large e+e- correlation angles in the 18.15 MeV transition in 8Be. This has been interpreted as the first evidence of a new light gauge boson with a mass of 16.7(6) MeV. The fact that a vector (or axial vector) boson can couple to the dark sector opens the field of physics beyond the Standard Model.

The New Judicious Experiments for Dark sectors Investigations (New Jedi) collaboration, as several other teams in the world, is involved in an experimental quest to confirm this anomaly.  In parallel, many theoretical studies are also carried out, all over the world. Time has come for a workshop allowing theoreticians and experimentalist of our community to discuss and share ideas.
During this workshop,  the New Jedi setup and the experimental program for the incoming months will be detailed. The theoretical aspects related to the different natures of the boson, or to its possible link with the Dark Matter will be also presented.
The talks and discussions will take place from 10th to the 12th may 2021, in the afternoons and via a zoom connection. However, if sanitary conditions make it possible, a limited number of participants/speakers could attend in-person the workshop from appropriate and reserved rooms in IJCLab.

Registrations are now open on the indico web site:

Looking forward to welcome you  in zoom or in-person,
The organizers

Isabelle Deloncle, Alain Coc and Beyhan Bastin